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Messy Makers

Creative Play Centres


Cozy Corner

Our Cozy Corner is designed specifically for little ones who are crawling and/or learning to walk. Equipped with a sensory wall with various gizmos and gadgets. Also offering a story wall made from felt and fabric to enhance your child's sense of touch and imagination. 

Group Coloring

Craft Centre

Your child is free to create a craft using our various materials on display at the Centre. Choose from paper rolls, feathers, buttons, coloured tape and more. 


Construction Zone

Let's get diggin'! Come hang out in our 'dirt pit' by digging the day away. Equipped with a sand maze wall with funnels, tubes and windmills.  Your child is sure to spend lots of time in our  Construction Zone area. 

Hands on Slime

Feature Table 

Guaranteed to be one messy mess! Our feature table will allow your child to use their hands to explore with sensory based products such as rice, beans, slime, water and much more. Don't forget to check out our facebook and instagram pages for updates.

Girl in Costume

Messy Town 

A place where children can dress up and use their imagination to play. Step into the magical world of 'Messy Town's' grocery market, diner or veterinary station.

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